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Mindfulness Daily and other apps powered by inward inc

Interested in writing about evidence based behavioral change apps powered by inward inc?
We've spent the last 5 years refining the inward platform to provide the sharpest and most versatile behavioral change app building blocks supporting people's efforts in applying evidence based principles to their daily life. With over a quarter of a million downloads and several research apps developed with some of the leading researchers and research organizations across a diverse set of fields (e.g., reducing teacher burnout with mindfulness, treating vets who are self-medicating PTSD symptoms with substance abuse, reducing teen reactivity that leads to regretful text messages), we're now starting an outreach to the press to share our story and get it out there in bigger ways and deeper into daily life.
We'll be adding more text and videos as we complete them. In the meantime, please take a look at what we've put together so far and don't hesitate to contact us to learn more.
Sample Sound Bites Featuring Mindfulness Daily and Inward Inc 
Company Overview
Inward provides a central mobile platform customizable to organizational and individual needs. Our founders have spent the last few years working with executives, program developers, researchers and healthcare providers to identify and eliminate the friction preventing proven programs from reaching the people they serve. We strengthen corporate wellness programs, facilitate provider-client relationships, empower researchers to scale their research, while always supporting the individual to build positive daily habits.
Mindfulness Daily Overview
Mindfulness is simple and proven effective; yet it is not always easy to find time to practice when busy, tired, in pain or stressed/anxious. This app supports quick, effective guided practices to reduce stress/anxiety, improve performance and enhance sleep (along with the growing list of other evidence based benefits of Mindfulness like pain management).
“This app is like my best friend. I feel like it asks me how I’m doing? How am I feeling? What mood am I in?...The alerts, the reminders, the pauses [let] you be still for a moment. Very highly recommend this app!” - Joeykcmo (iTunes review)
“One of the very few apps in which behavioral science and design come together.” - Roger Vilardaga, PhD, Clinical Psychology
While I know there are no ‘quick fixes’ when it comes to kids, this app is as close to one as I've found. I began the lessons to help deal with stress at work, and my 5th grader wanted to know what the audio reminders were about. I explained and know he's doing the lessons with me. They are working wonders on our frustration tolerance during homework and work! As soon as we start to feel that tension build, we remind each other of what we've been learning and practicing, take a moment, and regroup.” - John-546 (iTunes review)
Quick Stats
  • $1.99 (USD)
  • Over 250,000 downloads (with zero marketing to date)
  • 1,052 Reviews with 4.7 out of 5 average review
  • Made top paid app in Health & Fitness in over 10 countries
  • Made top100 paid app overall in 2 31 countries
  • Made top 5 paid app in Health & Fitness in over 45 countries
(Android version coming out in 2016)
Media Coverage of apps powered by inward
  • New York Times
  • Time Magazine
  • The Daily Mail
  • Newsweek
  • and more ...
Imporant Links
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Inward Team
Team members and advisors include:
Walter R. Roth
Nathanael Wolfe
Marcelo Oliveira
Matt Slevinsky
John Merrells
Xenia Shih
The Long Inward View
We continue to refine how we tell our story and how we increase the reach of our support for individuals and organizations who are committed to positive daily impact.
Below is a short video that points in the direction we're heading and how word-of-mount has been the driver to date. We'll be refining and extending this part shortly, and are would love to discuss it with you now :-)
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