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Inward holiday gift and challenge - Unconditional self-love

This video contains an introduction from Walter Roth, cofounder + ceo of inward inc followed by a 2 minute practice from Greg and the original Unconditional Self-love challenge!  The summary for the challenge is below. We'll be adding more videos below soon of friends of inward doing this. Please add a comment if you tried this as well and if you want to add a link to your video :-)
Mirror (or iphone with reverse camera mode)
Gaze into your eyes
Repeat three times with awareness of breath:
"Whatever happens, I love you..."
Then smile REAL BIG.
Smiling, turn attention inward to how this feels.
THEN: Challenge a few friends to do this.
Post a few words of "essence appreciation" if they post their video of them saying "Whatever happens, I love you..." 3 times and challenging a few others.
Words like: Lovely, Grounded, Firm, Visionary, Kind, Compassionate, Honest, Love...
Make it a daily practice or apply when needed the most!
Preparing for presentation ...
Waking up ...
When you're bored!
When you're down!
Whenever :-)
Kind regards, 
cofounder + ceo inward
P.s., here's my first challenge to friends and loved ones.
And here's my first accepted challenge by my lovely mom :-)
Love you mom! Thank you :-)
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