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  • Overview

    What, Why & How's

    What is an Inward Mindset?

    A way to connect to our best self, daily.

    1. Paying attention to inner experience
    2. Creating space for choice
    3. Evidence based attuned experiences

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    Why Inward?

    Evidence-based Mind Body research.

    A growing body of research suggests that we can play a larger role in cultivating happiness, reducing stress, managing pain and performing at our best. And our ability to leverage mobile technology to sharpen how we implement, measure and innovate this research is opening up new possibilities.


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    How to reach inward?

    Companion tools for your unique path.

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  • What is an Inward Mindset?




    inward mindset​

    Paying Attention to Inner Experience

    When an individual has an Inward Mindset, they embody the value of paying attention to their inner experience to connect to their best possible self.

    Creating Space to Choose Response

    Individuals practice creating space to choose their response rather than mindlessly reacting. Emphasis is placed on pausing to build awareness around personal triggers and developing skill sets to overcome habits of thought and behaviors that are negatively impactful.

    Experimentation in Practice, Daily

    To cultivate an Inward Mindset, individuals are encouraged to experiment with, repeatedly in the context of daily life, the growing number of evidence-based behavioral change principles.


    These include



    Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT)

    Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT)


    Acts of Good

  • About us

    Our unique paths inward


    Walter R. Roth

    Started out as your typical startup archetype with successes (dropped out of college to raise millions from VC’s, advised CEO’s twice his age), failures (startup crashed, a failed engagement years later) and stressors (ran 35 person team, anxious about everything, unable to relax) … But, everything changed when he experienced an Inward Mindset with the help of a couples counselor.


    Walter Roth has spent the last decade on a personal journey to learn how to breathe, be happy, and reach inward to be his best in all areas of work and life. Over tens of thousands of hours, he learned best practices from leading psychologists, neurologists, and mindfulness experts. Inward inc is the culmination of his journey and the beginning of a new journey to use proven, evidence-based behavioral change principles to support the transformation of individuals, and the organizations they run, from the inside out.

    Team Inward

    Network of Experts

    We're constantly meeting with people of all walks of life and collaborating with some of the best minds in all related fields.


    These fields include:

    • Mindfulness
    • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
    • Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT)
    • Transactional Analysis (TA)
    • Neural Linguistic Programming (NLP)
    • Somatics
    • Compassion
    • EMDR

    Team Inward Blog Post


    We're adding new fields and providers all the time, we'd love to talk if you support people living as their best possible selves.


    We also endeavor to talk with all types of people looking to apply an Inward Mindset to the context of their unique inner and outer life, use the contact us box below.

  • What drives us

    The journey we've chosen for our life's work :-)


    Positive Daily Impact

    Our Mission

    Supporting Individuals in Daily Life

    inward is a technology company leveraging disruptions in mobile, mental and emotional research and healthcare delivery to support individuals who apply Inward Mindset in daily life.

    Our Vision

    Measurable Impact Across Generations

    Long term we’re aiming to pioneer the budding fields of applied Neuroplasticity and Epigenetics in ways that will have a positive measurable impact on gene expression across generations.

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  • We're Humans.

    Living Now.

    With Devices.

  • Train your mind and body daily.

    Mobile devices have

    the power to connect

    - and disconnect -

    us from our best possible selves

    and our full experience of each moment

    of our lives.




    What Mobile Technology does for

    - or to -

    you is a choice that you can train daily.


  • Mindfulness Daily

    The easiest way to practice Mindfulness daily.

    Cultivating the habit of pausing to return to your best possible self in daily life.

  • Therapy Daily

    The easiest way to apply insights from Therapy daily.

    A companion app for people committed to transforming from the inside out. 

  • A few of our values and beliefs.

    A values driven organization

    Sense of Freedom

    Freedom from our evolutionary programed reactions and freedom to choose to respond as our best possible selves to life's moments. Freedom to play a roll in transforming from the inside out.

    Unique and similar personal paths

    Our paths are unique and ever-evolving. An approach that works one day for you might not work the next, and something that might work for one person might not work for another. Yet, we are all similar in that we need a little support to find and return to what works for us on any given day.

    A lifelong daily commitment to yourself, < 5 min/day routine.

    The key is to develop the means to commit to returning to your best possible self over and over again, without judgment. Whether you do this on your own over time, or through future programs designed to guide you through different contexts and goals, we want to empower people to participate in how their lives unfold to their fullest potential.

  • Mobile (Mind+Body) Research Paper





    inward collaborated with researchers on Mobile First Design for Mindfulness and Acceptance Commitment Therapy based apps.




    Practical considerations in the design and development of smartphone apps for
    behavior change.


    Published In 

    The Journal of Contextual Behavioral Science




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    We love hearing how inward apps have supported your commitment to transforming from the inside out and how we can better support your unique path inward.


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